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    Doug Smith Performance

    September 2017

    Through his life story, keynote presentations, literary work & workshops, Doug demonstrates a simple and repeatable system any individual or organization can use to increase and sustain mental performance across all levels. Take a look at this months newsletter.

  • Who Doug Smith is

    NHL Player, Author, Speaker

    Doug Smith

    Best Selling Author of “The Trauma Code” & “Thriving in Transition". Doug is an expert on disarming the ticking time bomb within today’s organizations; Cumulative Emotional Trauma in the Workplace.

    Through his life story, keynote presentations, literary work & workshops, Doug demonstrates a simple and repeatable system any individual or organization can use to increase and sustain mental performance across all levels. It is a system that he has used in his own life to break through adversity, reach goals and build adaptive capacity in self and others. All businesses can leverage this awareness as competitive advantage.

    At 18 years old, Doug was drafted 2nd overall into the NHL to play for the Los Angeles Kings as their youngest player ever. The next 11 years he was defined by hockey successes, hockey failures, his lack of awareness and the culture of a collision sport. His career ended suddenly at 29 years old when he shattered his spine in professional game #607 and suffered a high level spinal cord injury.

  • Doug Smith is about


    Increasing a person's or team's level of awareness of the value of change


    Preparing teams and individuals to make informed decisions


    Taking positive, informed

    action at the right time, for the right reasons

  • "Once You Know Better - You are bound to do better"

  • Knowing Better is Easy

    The changes are not huge. The changes are small ... Observe


    Belief in Self



    Belief in Others



    Belief in the Organization


  • “Bringing out the best is the goal; dignity, respect, empathy, humility, confidence, is the approach. Subconsciously, I was always there, now I understand it better and have made that link with my conscious self. Thank-you for helping me understand that this philosophy on life is not merely an idea or thought, but a fundamental truth to what it is to be a human being.” 


    - Manager & Attendee - Hydro Ottawa Keynote Presentation

    “Doug shocked the hockey world with his comeback to the NHL after his first accident. His second recovery after breaking his neck was unbelievable. Everyone can benefit from reading The Trauma Code.”


    - Ron Maclean, Hockey Night in Canada Broadcaster

    “The Trauma Code is a fascinating read that will no doubt improve your quality of life! Doug Smith not only provides fresh, eye-opening insights into how we, as humans, have a subconscious need to support others, he explains how we can leverage that basic desire to achieve higher levels of health, happiness, and success.”


    - Ivan Misner PhD., NY Times bestselling author, Founder of BNI and Referral Institute

    “After hearing Doug Smith speak I went full force into working towards my own dreams. People told me that I would never own my own gym ... on the 15th of October, I move in as the owner of the Phaze1 Fitness Centre. I am going to take on some medically releasing soldiers and pass on the same encouragement I got from seeing and hearing Doug at Algonquin College. Thank you so very much.”


    - Erica Murphy, Former Canadian Armed Forces Officer

    "Doug personifies inspiration; he captures audiences easily, and engages them to find their own power to make life better for others."


    - Max Keeping, CTV News

    “Doug Smith is a great example of what someone can accomplish if they set their mind in the right direction. His inspirational message is an excellent supplement to professional health care.”


    Dr. Paul Roumeliotis MD, MPH, Health Communications Pioneer – Public Health leader – President,  Association of Local Public Health Agencies

    “The feedback on your presentation we received from the participants was simply outstanding! You delivered a practical model for organizational transformation aimed at creating a high performance work culture and I would highly recommend this presentation to other organizations.”


    - Major-général/Major-General J.-M. Lanthier

    Commander, Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre

    Department of National Defence/ Government of Canada

    “Doug Smith is an excellent speaker and an amazing human being. Without a doubt his story is inspirational! It will bring both tears to your eyes and energy to your gut. His philosophy is well grounded in scientific research and personal experience which is a welcome change from the garden variety motivational speaker. I would recommend Doug to any of my colleagues and/or clients.”


    - Sommer Christie PhD student in Human Kinetics

    “Doug’s presentation was in perfect alignment with the leadership workshop and strongly reinforced the key leadership themes we delivered to our management team. You delivered the inspiring messages that we hoped for and our entire team got so much more.”


    James S. Paul, President & CEO | Président et premier dirigeant

    Defence Construction Canada | Construction de Défense Canada

    Moving Mountains

    “Through his kindness, his openness, his calm- ness and his skills Doug can move mountains for people. A connector, writer and thoughtful communicator, Doug is a special man to know and a great person to pass onto others.”


    - Penny Power, co-founder, Ecademy

    The Ottawa Network

    “You provided me with clear options I did not have before I attended your presentation. As
    a CEO I am always looking for the hidden competitive advantage and you delivered it to me in 45 minutes. Thank-you”


    Robert Saric – CEO, WhyHireMe

  • Books

    " Doug's books are a must read for those studying personal development, recovery and performance. It is rare that personal achievement and the science to back it up are demonstrated in the same book. Doug Smith has done it! "
    - Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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